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Custom Urbana Vinyl Amish Pergola

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With its crisp, clean lines the Custom Urbana Vinyl Pergola will complement your home with classic styling. The following features (as shown) are standard and can be customized:

  • Inside every vinyl post is a 6" x 6" wood post for reinforcement
  • Beams have a treated 2" x 8" wood post inside the vinyl sleeve
  • Purlins Notched onto Beams
  • Simpson Post Brackets for every post
  • Braces add stability for larger Pergolas and High-Wind Locations
  • Other options available

Sizes include: 10x 10', 10×12', 10×14', 10×16', 12×12', 12×14', 12×16', 14×14', and 14×16'

Call or come in for custom sizes.

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