Amish Mattresses

Foam, Pillow Top, Innerspring, Motion Base & Two-Sided Mattresses

The right mattress gives you more than a great night’s sleep. It provides rest that gives you energy for the day ahead. At Herron's Amish Furniture, our handmade Amish mattresses are custom-built to give you the comfort of luxurious quilting, the highest quality foam padding, and strong components, like extra heavy 12.5 gauge offset coil, that contribute to a good night’s rest and long-term support.

Our selection of Amish mattresses include two-sided flippable mattresses that provide additional years of comfort, single-sided innerspring plush/firm or pillow top mattress, and adjustable base mattresses that offer personalized comfort. Whether you're looking for a twin mattress for your children or a California king mattress for the master bedroom, each Amish mattress is made to precise standards that rank Amish mattresses among the finest in the world.

Amish mattresses are backed by a 20-year warranty—more than most national mattress brands—to guarantee you enjoy many years of better sleep. If you haven’t experienced the supreme quality and absolute comfort of an Amish-made mattress, now is the time to compare. Find an Amish mattress that's the right size and comfort for you at our Napoleon, OH furniture store.

Try Your Mattress Before You Buy It

Eliminate buyer’s remorse and come try any Amish-made mattress for up to 4 hours in our exclusive Dream Room. That’s how committed we are to helping you sleep better, helping you get the most value, and helping you enjoy the BEST mattress shopping experience.  You could say we “out care” our competition.

Herron's Mattress Guarantee

We believe it is unfair to put all the risk on you, so we’re taking it from you. If after 30 days you don’t LOVE your mattress, Herron’s will gladly give you your money backNo hassles, no questions asked. Plus, for peace of mind, you receive an unbeatable 20-Year Mattress Warranty.

You don’t have to buy a mattress from a big box store, uncertain of who will be entering your home on delivery, with generic warranties, or poor customer service, just to replace it in a few years.  At Herron’s Amish Furniture, we believe you deserve a better experience, a better mattress, and better sleep so much, we guarantee it!


“For superior mattresses and better sleep, we refer our patients to Herron’s. We know... we sleep on their mattresses ourselves!”

Randy L Luderman, DC
William J Weippert Jr., DC

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Simplify Mattress Buying with our Dream Room

  1. Choose your mattress.
  2. Make a reservation.
  3. Snuggle in! (Up to 4 Hours)
  4. Free 365 Nite “Love It" Guarantee (+ Mattress Warranty)
  5. Peace of Mind.

For better sleep, come see us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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