Custom Vineyard Wood Pergola

The Custom Vineyard Wood Pergola will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor collection. There are a variety of options/features available (as shown) that can be customized:

  • Half Lattice Shades in Checker Pattern
  • Square 8” x 8” Posts
  • Other options available

Sizes include: 10x 10′, 10×12′, 10×14′, 10×16′, 10’x18′, 10’x20′, 10’x22′, 10’x24′, 12×12′, 12×14′, 12×16′, 12’x18′, 12×20′, 12’x22′, 12’x24′, 14×14′, 14×16′, 14’x18′, 14’x20′, 14’x22′, 14’x24′, 16’x16′, 16’x18′, 16’x20′, 16’x22′, 16’x24′, 18’x18′, 18’x20′, 18’x22′, 18’x24′, 20’x20′, 20’x22′, and 20’x24′

Call or come in for custom sizes.

SKU: 10900-P12