Custom Urbana Vinyl Pergola

With its crisp, clean lines the Custom Urbana Vinyl Pergola will complement your home with classic styling. The following features (as shown) are standard and can be customized:

  • Inside every vinyl post is a 6” x 6” wood post for reinforcement
  • Beams have a treated 2” x 8” wood post inside the vinyl sleeve
  • Purlins Notched onto Beams
  • Simpson Post Brackets for every post
  • Braces add stability for larger Pergolas and High-Wind Locations
  • Other options available

Sizes include: 10x 10′, 10×12′, 10×14′, 10×16′, 12×12′, 12×14′, 12×16′, 14×14′, and 14×16′

Call or come in for custom sizes.

SKU: 10900-P04

Additional information

Dimensions 144 × 144 in