Custom Mendoza Wood Pergola

Custom Mendoza Wood Pergola

Our pergolas can be an extension of your home or a freestanding structure providing shade and visual interest to your yard. Pergolas make any space feel comfortable and sheltered while still maintaining all the benefits of being outdoors. The rustic appeal of wood is highlighted in our pergolas made from hand-selected southern yellow pine. You won’t find this kind of quality in the big-box stores. Select a finish, and you have a pergola that’s custom made for your yard.

Sizes include: 10×10′, 10×12′, 10×14′, 10×16′, 10×20′, 10×24′, 12×12′, 12×14′, 12×16′, 12×20′, 12×24′, 14×14′, 14×16′, 14×20′, 14×24′, 16×16′, 16×20′, and 16×24′

Call or come in for custom sizes.

SKU: 10900-P08