Vinyl Sidewalk Arbor

Vinyl Sidewalk Arbor

The Sidewalk Arbor provides the perfect spot for quiet reflection or a place to curl up and read a book. You can enjoy the outdoors while being comfortable and sheltered. American-made and solidly constructed, our arbors are made by a team of Amish craftsmen. Our Arbors come with either a 5-year residential or a 2-year commercial warranty (see store for details).


When you choose a vinyl arbor, maintenance becomes a worry-free proposition. Durable and beautiful, vinyl requires very little attention. Regular cleaning with a mild dish detergent is normally all that’s required to keep your gazebo looking its best for no cracking, chalking, or fading. Choose white or clay vinyl to make it uniquely your own.

SKU: 10900-G07
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Additional information

Dimensions 78 × 53 × 87 in