Vinyl Swing Arbor

Vinyl Swing Arbor

Arbor swings provide the perfect spot for quiet reflection or a place to curl up and read a book. You can enjoy the outdoors while being comfortable and sheltered. American-made and solidly constructed, our arbor swings are made by a team of Amish craftsmen. Choose white or clay to match your outdoor theme.


With vinyl, maintenance becomes a worry-free proposition. Durable and beautiful, vinyl requires very little attention. Regular cleaning with a mild dish detergent is normally all that’s required to keep your swing looking its best for no cracking, chalking, or fading.


Sizes include: 7×9′, 10×14′, 10×16′, 10×18′, 12×16′, 12×20′, 12×20, and 24×36′

Call or come in for custom sizes.

SKU: 10900-G06
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Additional information

Dimensions 84 × 108 in