Of all the Pavilion/Pergola companies to offer you, it’s the character and competence of this company that stands out. It’s the standard you’ll discover in all of our products. You won’t find this kind of quality or commitment to service in the big box stores! With almost 30 years of building experience, it confidently allows Herron’s to turn your questions and concerns into peace of mind and an enjoyable purchasing experience. The result, vinyl or wood, is a quality Pavilion/Pergola that you use more often and are very proud to own.

Ordering one is simple. Just select:
A. Vinyl or Wood
B. Roof Size and Style/Shade or Top size
C. Pavilion/Post Style
D. Color
E. Request a quote

Kits are available. Or, Herron’s can have skilled craftsmen come build your Pavilion/Pergola for you anywhere in Ohio…or just outside its borders. Either way, what’s important is that we start the planning process now so you can have it how you want…when you want it.

To see a Pavilion/Pergola display in person, stop in today. We have the largest outdoor display in the Tri-State area that also includes Pergolas, Gazebos, Storage Sheds, Cabins, Children’s Playsets along with Porch and Patio Furniture…all built by the Amish. If you call to set up an appointment to come in or video chat with us, one of our Sales Team will respectfully block time out to work with you one on one…uninterrupted. Come…let us help you create the backyards you always wanted.